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How to Wear a Purse like a Fanny Pack featuring Beyonce

It’s only been a few months after giving birth to her twins, but Beyonce is ready to flaunt her abs again.  This time she did it in 90’s inspired fashion.

She is wearing a blue cropped sweatshirt, and a two-toned skirt with a hoop zipper.  Hoop zippers were definitely a 90’s trend that are starting to come back.

Of course, so are fanny packs.  She is also wearing a tan crossbody saddle bag that she draped around her waist like a fanny pack.

See the picture she posted on her Instgram below.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Queen Bey always looks good so it’s no surprise that she is rocking a fanny pack like  a pro.

She’s definitely given us some inspiration as well.  We now know that you potentially turn any bag into a fanny pack, as long as it can sit along your waist.

We aren’t certain what bag she is wearing, but there is a way you can find some similar ones online.  Just search “tan crossbody saddle bag”.  You will find plenty in a similar style.  Most of them are leather, so they can be a little expensive.

For cheaper options, try the search again on Amazon, tan crossbody saddle bag.

If Beyonce did it, then it’s definitely cool.

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