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RFID Blocking Fanny Pack for Protection from RFID Skimming

Although there is some debate about whether RFID protection is even necessary, (see Do RFID Blocking Wallets Work), you may have already made the decision to invest in it.  Because the technology is relatively new and we may not fully understand it yet, better safe than sorry right?  Let’s get into our review of this bag from PEAK.

Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block - Includes Theft Protection and Global Recovery TagsTravel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block – Includes Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags

You can potentially block RFID scanners used by criminals with an RFID blocking fanny pack.  This bag from peak has a large number of positive reviews from buyers.

It comes in a slim design that can easily blend into your apparel to help make you less of a target while traveling.

The fabric used to make the whole waist bag is made from the preventative technology, meaning anything placed in the bag is protected.

It also comes in sizes smaller and larger than average.


  • The slim design is modern and functional.
  • Designed with comfort straps.
  • Provides support options for recovery help in case of loss.


  • The slim design means storing bulky items is not recommended.  It is designed for the necessities only such as your passport and credit cards.
  • The fabric may be uncomfortable after long wear, or in hot conditions when directly touching your skin.  This is a disadvantage for those who want to wear it underneath their clothes.

This bag is good for those who like traveling light.  You could use this to hold your cash and credit cards without fear of your sensitive information being stolen.

However, if you were looking for an RFID fanny pack that has more room for your other travel essentials this is not it.

You could consider a larger bag or RFID sleeves for your credit cards to be used with a bigger bag.

Overall this bag is something to consider if you are looking for the technology they offer.

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