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How to Make a Levi’s Denim Fanny Pack

I love easy DIY’s and tutorials.  Those that require little effort and materials, but that deliver big results.  That’s exactly the type of DIY this how to make a Levi’s denim fanny pack is.  The best part is this makes use of jeans that you can find at the thrift store so it’s an up-cycling project.

Definitely check this out if you are looking for an easy project to do, or if you love denim.

How to make a Levi’s Denim Fanny Pack



  1. Cut the Levi’s label from the back.
  2. Cut off the waist band.
  3. Cut the hem off of both pant legs.
  4. Cut out one pocket and cut the top trim off of it.
  5. Cut one pant down the middle and trace around the fanny pack with it underneath.
  6. Cut two scraps out of this.
  7. You should now have two fabric scraps in the shape of the body of your bag.
  8. Stretch your bag all the way out over the pant leg again and cut out any pieces of fabric that are needed to cover the rest of the bag, like the triangular shaped pieces in the video that are for the parts connecting the bag to the waist band.
  9. (Optional) In the video, she spray painted her bag gold.
  10. Use the glue to attach the pieces to the bag, starting with the body.
  11. After the body is finished, use the trim and scraps from the rest of the jeans to decorate further. Attach these pieces with the glue.
  12. Cover the waist band with the denim waistband, attach with glue.

As you can see, this tutorial is very simple and there is definitely room for error.  You can have fun with placing the trim and extra scraps anywhere you want on your bag.

You just need a couple of materials, and a little bit of time to have your own denim fanny pack.

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