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Gold Fanny Packs – Style that Shines

A gold fanny pack is quite the attention grabber.  Of course metallics, particularly gold and silver, never go out of style.  But most likely if you choose this color for your waist bag, you either welcome the attention or need it to complete a costume.

If you’ve got the confidence to rock one of these, don’t let it go to waste.

Shiny Gold Retro Fanny PackShiny Gold Retro Fanny Pack

The finish on this one is shiny. This design provides a simple aesthetic. Others who bought it used it for Mardi Gras and a classic 80’s night party.  While people were impressed with the fashion and style it provides, saying they receive compliments while wearing it, those who bought it strictly for functionality found the material and construction to be lacking.

So, this is a great choice if you need it for a certain “look”, but if you are looking for something more long term you might consider another option.

SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack - Gold, Metallic, Gator, RaveGold Crocodile Alligator Print Fanny Pack

This one comes with a unique reptilian textured finish.  It comes from the popular brand SoJourner, and thus has many good reviews for the different colors available for this style bag that they make.

The bag is spacious, and has multiple pockets/compartments.

For younger users, or people with smaller waists, reviewers said they decided to trim the excess waistband.

Shiny Gold Fanny Pack That Sparkles (Sparkle Gold)Shiny Gold Fanny Pack That Sparkles (Sparkle Gold)

Of course we can’t talk about gold fanny packs without finding one that sparkles.  This one with the glitter finish is for anyone looking for extra shine.

This one seems to be a good choice for those looking for fashion and function.

Multifit Creative Hologram Waist Bag Sports Outdoor Fanny Pack PU Bum Bag Purse(Gold)Hologram Holographic Gold Fanny Pack

Each bag so far has had a different finish or style. This last one has a holographic finish, which will provide a different shining effect than the others as light reflects off of it.

This fanny pack is also the largest on the list, with dimensions larger than average.

But is it really holo?  Only Cristine can answer that.

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