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Galaxy Fanny Packs

So, galaxy is pretty much the biggest trend right now.  It’s up there with unicorns, slime, and making everything giant.  For something to be considered galaxy, it should have the colors black, purple, blue, and pink and some stars or white specks.

I remember the good ol’ days when we used to call it intergalactic, or outer space themed.

But I have to admit, the trend makes whatever is rocking it look pretty good.

Even fanny packs couldn’t escape the galaxy trend.  If you like staying trendy, check out the awesome galaxy fanny packs below.

Our Picks

SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack - Galaxy, Outer Space, Rave Festival Style (Purple)Galaxy Print Fanny Pack

KANDYPACK Galaxy Cat Fanny Pack - Cute Cool Rave Festival Waist Bag with Hidden PocketGalaxy Cat Fanny Pack

iHeartRaves Space Galaxy Rave Fanny PackGalaxy Neptune Fanny Pack

Green Galaxy Waist BagGreen Galaxy Waist Bag

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