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Free Fanny Pack Pattern PDF

This project is very different from the usual DIYs posted here.  We usually post projects for beginners that are easy enough for anyone to complete.  This one actually requires that you have some sewing knowledge.

I found a “hip pouch sew along” posted by Jan Dicintio on her blog Daisy Janie.

The blog event is over, but it was completely free, and all of the posts have been left up for us to see.

Blog Link

See Day 1 by clicking the link below to go to her blog:

This post is very detailed and goes over the first day’s tasks for starting to make the bag.  You will start by cutting out the pattern and cutting the pattern out of the fabric.

There is also a link to a previous post which lists all of the supplies needed for this project.

After you finish day one, you simply follow the links on her blog to go to days 2 and 3 as you are ready.

It takes three days to complete the bag, and there are plenty of pictures and instructions for you on her blog to follow as you go along.

Free Fanny Pack Pattern

If you have a lot of experience sewing and just need a link to the pattern, please see the link below to download it in PDF format.

(Of course thins link is from her event where it is also posted on if you go check it out on her blog.)

Just the pattern itself is obviously an amazing resource to provide for free.  I can’t believe there’s a full blown tutorial to go with it.

I hope those avid sewing fans out there find this helpful and are inspired to give it a try.

Or, if you are just starting out, you may be able to try it out too, depending on your level, thanks to the detailed instructions she posts.

The end result came out rather nice and I think it would be a fun project to try.  However, I unfortunately am not that great at sewing.

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