Festival Packing List for Fanny Pack

Music festivals are always an awesome experience that you’ll probably remember for a lifetime.  But there can definitely be some downsides to being outdoors for a full day, or even more.

To make sure your experience isn’t too uncomfortable, you’ll have to make sure to bring some essentials with you.

Of course if you are planning to stay for multiple days, hopefully you were able to pack a backpack for your trip.

Hands-Free Bag

You already know what you need to bring for a long haul trip.  That being clothes, toiletries, and of course food and water.

But what about while your walking around the festival?

That overnight bag might be too big to carry around.  So you may have thought of bringing a smaller bag, like a fanny pack.

Packing List

This smaller bag will be what you carry around with you all day so you don’t have to strain yourself and can dance freely.

Outside of your phone, wallet, and money, here are a few things you can think about bringing:

  • Disinfectant and Hand-wipes:  Porta potties are often the only option for reliving yourself at these type of events.  Have wipes on hand to clean your hands afterwards in case there is a water shortage.

  Of course these are also very convenient in any other situation you need to clean yourself when you’re nowhere     near water.

  • Sunscreen:  This is self-explanatory,  but try to find a mini sized or travel bottle of sunscreen that will fit in your bag if you plan to be outdoors all day.  When your skin starts burning, it can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly.
  • Snacks and Water:  There will most likely be food booths or trucks operating, but just in case it is a good idea to carry around a small snack like a granola bar.

  For water, you may consider buying a collapsible water bottle to fit inside your bag.

  • Power Pack:  Filming your favorite artists and capturing moments with your friends can eat up a lot of power on your phone.  Bring a fully charged power pack to keep your phone alive.
  • Accessories:  Some accessories that can offer you further sun protection and comfort from the elements are a bandanna and sunglasses.

A fanny pack is an efficient choice for a bag to carry around a festival.  It’s able to fit all the essentials plus some extra, and the experience it provides will be a good one.

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