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DIY No Sew Fanny Pack

There can’t be an easier way to make a fanny pack than this DIY no sew fanny pack tutorial. It’s from Sheri Pavlović on her blog, and YouTube channel.

It requires 2 key items and some supplies to cut with, and you can literally create your bag in an instant.

To see her post and video check out the links below:

No Sew DIY Retro Glam Fanny Pack Belt Bag

She even dressed up for the retro 80’s/90’s look to complete her new bag.

To make the bag, you will need:

  • Old zipper pouch purse
  • Old belt
  • Xacto knife/box cutter
  • Scissors


  • On the back of the bag, use the Xacto knife to cut slits where you want the belt to go through.
  • Slip the belt through slits.
  • Buckle the bag around your waist.

Depending on where you cut your slits, is where the bag will sit on the bag and on your waist.  Be sure to decide whether you want to cut them higher, lower, or in the center to sit the bag where you want it.

This tutorial is incredibly easy and pretty ingenious.  You can have a lot of fun looking for vintage bags and belts at the thrift store, or maybe in your closet!

Definitely give this a try if you are looking for an easy project that can be done in a flash.

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