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DIY Fanny Pack Roundup Post #1

Because they are so small fanny packs are quite easy to make on your own with little to no sewing/crafting skills required.  You are essentially creating a small pouch and attaching it to a belt or waist band.  It really is a simple concept.

Well if you’ve been thinking of making one of these at home, luckily there are some DIY tutorials you can start with.

This post will roundup 3 fanny pack DIY’s.

Whimsical Fanny Pack Made from Scrap Fabric

Regular crafters certainly have lots of scrap fabric lying around.  That includes myself and I am always excited when I see a project that can make use of them.  It’s a good option for beginners too because you can often find fabric scraps on sale in your local craft store.  I love how colorful and fun hers turned out.

Leather Pouch Waist Bag

At first glance, this obviously doesn’t look like what first comes to mind when you think of a fanny pack.  But I actually love that about this.  It’s super chic and stylish and still serves the same function.  It has a simple design and is perfect for fashionista’s to try out and put their own spin on it.

Running Belt Sewing Tutorial

So this tutorial is admittedly more complicated than the other two. It may require some prior sewing knowledge.  But it is brought to us from so it can’t be that bad, right?

This is obviously the most functional bag in the roundup, but maybe that’s just what you’re looking.  If you like to sew or would like some practice sewing, you should consider this project.

The steps are very detailed and the end result looks great.

That’s it for our first roundup post.  Hopefully these projects have inspired you to try your hand at making your own fanny pack.

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