How to Decorate a Fanny Pack

Pins and patches are the latest DIY decor trend for clothes and bags.  They are perfect for decorating fanny packs as well.

Where to Find Them

You can buy pins and patches from pretty much anywhere, but if you are going for a certain aesthetic, you may have to search around for a little bit.

Sites like Etsy and apps like PoshMark and Depop are a good place to start to find trendy or vintage ones.

You can also try garage sales or thrift shops to find unique vintage pins and patches.

Make Them Yourself

There are so many tutorials out there for making your own pins and patches out of your own artwork.

This tutorial shows how to make a hand-stitched embroidery pizza patch.

In this video you will learn how to make DIY lapel pins using just old leftover plastic containers you have around the house.

The simplest DIY yet, using just a hot glue gun and acrylic paints to make lapel pins.

Adding Them to Your Fanny Pack


If you made the pins yourself, don’t forget to use glue to attach a pin backing to it using strong glue. Of course, you just pin these to your bag to attach them.


The patches are a little different as you can use fabric glue, or adhesive fabric and an iron.

More DIY Decorating Ideas

If these aren’t appealing to you, you could try some other ideas.  There are rhinestones and studs, dyeing techniques, fabric markers, puff paint markers, etc.

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