Burlington Coat Factory Fanny Pack in Store

I managed a trip to my local Burlington Coat Factory (just called Burlington now) the other day.  I was browsing around when I saw some fanny packs in the belt area.

It inspired me to start this new series where I showcase what retailers you can shop at for fanny packs.  I was quite surprised that Burlington had them so I thought it might be helpful to share.

They were Steve Madden brand.  Of course Burlington is a discount retailer so they were priced at half of the full retail price.

Definitely a good deal if you needed a fanny pack in a pinch.

burlington-store-fanny-pack-price burlington-store-fanny-packs

As you can see, my store had a pink nylon fanny pack with black trim and gold hardware, and black studded one with the same features.  There was also a black nylon one with silver hardware.

This is what they looked like up close.

steve-madden-pink-black-fanny-pack-1 steve-madden-pink-black-fanny-pack black-fanny-pack-gold-studs

They were definitely stylish and trendy, possibly targeting the Junior’s market.  My favorite was the one with the studs.  I think you would have no problem incorporating that in a night-out or concert outfit.  Maybe with some dark-washed or black jeans, a faux leather jacket, and boots.

If you were wondering where to find more on trend fanny packs I would definitely check out your local Burlington.  I’ll see you after my next store visit!

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