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Best Fanny Pack For Gym

For regular gym goers, it can kind of be a hassle to figure out what you are going to use to carry all of your belongings.  Men may put their phone and wallet in their pockets, while women will most likely just carry around their phone and leave their purse or bag in a locker.

If you’ve found yourself having a lot more to carry to the gym than is convenient, you may need to look into a bag.  This list is a comparison of the best fanny pack for gym use.

The products on this list were found after careful searching.  For the gym, you want your bag to be lightweight, portable, and water (sweat) resistant.  You may also be looking for extra features like a water bottle holder or headphone jack.

Ellien Running Belt Waist Pack for Women

Running Belt Waist Pack for Women Waterproof and Headphone JackRunning Belt Waist Pack for Women Waterproof and Headphone Jack

The feature that stands out the most with this bag is the headphones hole.  There are very few people who workout without listening to music or audio these days.  Some people even keep them in their ears when they aren’t listening to anything to avoid talking to people.

It’s very convenient to have a hole for the headphones to come through the bag.  This provides some stability so you can securely listen to music without worrying about the headphones being ripped out of your ears when you catch them or them falling out during your workout.

Fitter’s Niche UltraSlim Running Belt

Fitter's Ncihe UltraSlim Fitness Sport Running Belt Fanny PackFitter’s Ncihe UltraSlim Fitness Sport Running Belt Fanny Pack

Don’t be fooled by the name, this fanny pack is not for runner’s only.  It is designed for any exercise or physical activity.  The best part is the water resistant fabric that this bag is made of.

It promises to reduce chafing by being made with comfort a priority and having better ventilation.

Of course being water resistant means being sweat-proof too.

uFashion 3c Universal Running Belt

uFashion 3c Running Belt UniversaluFashion 3c Running Belt Universal

The differentiating feature of this bag is very obvious, you can see your smartphone on through the bag.  You can also use the phone through the bag, without removing it.

They have even added a headphone hole for you to pull your headphones through.

This bag is for people who rely heavily on their smartphone while working out.

WATERFLY Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

WATERFLY Fashion Durable Unisex Gym Waist BagWATERFLY Fashion Durable Unisex Gym Waist Bag

You can see that this bag is meant for those who have planned a day of serious workouts.  This bag is the most spacious, being the largest and having the most pockets.

It also has two side pockets that act as water bottle holders.

This bag is heavy duty and not as inconspicuous as the rest.

If you need to have more than a few items with you while you are working out, consider a larger bag like this one.


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