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The Best Cheap Fanny Packs for Your Budget

Just because you are looking for a cheap fanny pack, doesn’t mean you want it to fall apart after using it only a couple of times.  Fanny packs are usually pretty affordable, but if you are on a tight budget, or need to be a lot of bags, there are some options for you.

The products on this list were picked based on their price, and their reviews from other buyers.  Not only the highest rated ones, but the ones that were rated the most as well.  This kind of high engagement can help ensure that the product is reliable, and of good quality.

Without further ado, let’s get into our picks for the best cheap fanny packs for your budget.

Everest Signature Waist Pack - Standard, Black, One SizeEverest Signature Waist Pack – Standard, Black, One Size


When someone is looking for something cheap, that usually means they need something that can get the job done and they don’t care about any extra frills.

That’s what this bag reminds me of. It’s very simple and utilitarian looking.

It’s a nice black fanny pack from a well known brand, that will hold up well outside, during exercise, or when you are traveling.

The price is very low as well, it’s the cheapest bag on this list.





SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack - Classic Solid Bright Colors (Blue)SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack – Classic Solid Bright Colors (Blue)


This bag is another simple solid color style, just brighter. There are other color options available as well.
I like that this bag looks more like an everyday bag that you could wear walking around or to a festival.

For a basic fanny pack, the price is good. They are not charging extra for features that it does not have.

The style is very neutral and is a good choice if you will be wearing it everyday with different outfits.



Bam Products- Neon Fanny Party Pack (White-Multi)Bam Products- Neon Fanny Party Pack (White-Multi)


A night out option could simply not be left off of this list. Among traveling and outdoor activities, parties, festivals, and raves are the next most common situations in which someone would be wearing a fanny pack.

This bag simply says “PARTY” on it so that everyone understands what it will be used for. I particularly like the rainbow colored letters against the white solid background, but they have other styles available as well.

Like the other bags on this list, this one keeps it simple while still providing what you need from it.




CyberDyer Running Belt Waist Pack - Adjustable Fanny Pouch for Runners for Men and WomenCyberDyer Running Belt Waist Pack – Adjustable Fanny Pouch for Runners for Men and Women


The last waist pack on our list is for all you fitness freaks out there.

It can perfectly hold credit cards, some cash if you need it, and the latest iPhone models. It is also features a slim design so it will not interfere with your running or other physical activities.

It is made with water resistant material so you don’t have to worry about a really sweaty workout or it getting rained on, it will still be comfortable.






That’s all for our list of cheap fanny packs.  Hopefully there was enough variety of products to meet your needs.

Remember, just because you want a good deal for something doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality.  As always, do you own research and read buyers’ reviews and comments to make the best buying decision for you

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